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Logo Casasai Indonesia

The Badge Symbol of CASASAI INDONESIA was officially approved By Grand Master Melecio ‘O Balberde on 25th November, 2011 (Designed & Created By; Mr. Sofiansyah and Akhmad Dharmawan – Core Member of CASASAI INDONESIA).

  1. Rope Circle: Symbolizes the strong bond of brotherhood within the organization of Casasai Indonesia
  2. Red – White color: indicate where the organizations of Casasai Indonesia located or establish
  3. Color; Yellow – Red – Blue: represent the colors of the country origin of Arnis / Eskrima Martial Art or Parent Organization CASASAI
  4. Triangle: Symbolize the three extracts in studying Arnis / Eskrima which not only focuses on the strengths but also consist of “Mind, Body, Soul”
  5. White light with a black color Background: as an analogy to be shine/ glow in the darkness, which means any obstacles or difficulties to be encountered or dealing with, persons / organization will always be able to get a way out or solution. And that kind of attitude has to be possessed by an Eskrimador Because as an Eskrimador is a man who knows right or wrong
  6. A person who holds Sticks & Knives (S pada Y Daga): Symbolizes one of the typical content of the material that is in Arnis / Eskrima; someone would be considered proficient when he / she capable of doing the “S pada Y Daga”
  7. 2 stick rattan “X Patern”: Symbolizes a basic lesson in Arnis / Eskrima In term of Casas especially by using 2 pieces of rattan stick