CASASAI Syllabus

CASAS Training Method

  1. Warming-up and cool-down exercises
  2. Flexibility exercises
  3. Learning stick-striking techniques:
    1. Practicing different patterns of sinawali movements
    2. Practicing the twelve angles of strikes, defenses, and counters
    3. Stick disarming techniques
    4. Locking and throwing techniques
    5. Learning the different standard anyo developed by CASAS
    6. Learn how to develop creative anyo or form.
    7. Learning the full contact sparring used in arnis sports competitions.
  4. Stamina and endurance exercises
    1. Jogging
    2. Skipping Rope
    3. Shadow Fighting
  5. Boxing skills
    1. Basic use of focus gloves
    2. Advance use of focus gloves
    3. Shadow fighting and sparring
  6. Kicking skills
    1. Learning the basic kicking skills
    2. Learning advance kicking skills using kicking pads and shields
  7. Integration of grappling techniques

Ranking System of CASASAI

Level                            Belt                                          Rank

    I                                  white                                        Baguhan

   II                                 Blue                                           Hubog

  III                                 Green                                        Sulong

  IV                                  Brown                                      Tagasanay

   V                                  Black                                         Lakan/Dayang

  VI                                  Black 1st Dan                         Lakan/Dayang1

V11                                  Black 2nd Dan                        Lakan/Dayang II

 VIII                                Black 3rd Dan                         Lakan/Dayang III

  IX                                  Black 4th Dan                         Lakan/Dayang IV

  X                                    Black 5th Dan                        Rajah

  XI                                   Black 6th Dan                        Rajah I

  X11                                 Black 7th Dan                         Rajah II

  XIII                                Black 8th Dan                         Rajah III

  XIV                                Black 9th Dan                           Rajah IV

  XV                                 Black 10th Dan                          Maharajah